Vehicle Wraps

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl sticker that covers (wraps)  your vehicle entirely and is a great way to advertise your business or make you car, truck, boat or trailer a one of a kind, without the expensive cost of a custom paint job. Vehicle wraps help your business advertise 24/7, even when you are parked

Convenience & Versatility

On a budget? We also do partial wraps in order to save you some cost. Partial wraps don’t always have the same impact but can still be considered an option.

The Advantages

Think of a vehicle wrap as a billboard on wheels. Rather than advertising on a single spot, your ads go wherever you go.  For your convenience, we’ve listed what we consider the most important advantages to getting your business vehicle or vehicles wrapped.

  • Reach local potential customers everyday
  • You will stand out from other vehicles on the road and will, therefore, get more attention than other drivers without wraps.
  • One of a kind vehicle on the road
  • Your vehicle will be just as effective whether you are driving or the vehicle is stationary (or parked). It can even become a landmark for local citizens if it is parked in the same place frequently.
  • Everywhere you drive people will learn anything you want them to know about your business including what industry you are in, what products or services you offer, how to contact you, etc.

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